How far will you go?

Ever wondered how it feels like to be driving while you're being chased by the biggest predator ever? Now you can!

Built with the open source Minko 3D engine, Oculus Rex is the very first virtual reality experience based only on web standards!

Ready To Rumble?

No :(

To live this experiment, you need a WebVR capable web browser. WebVR is a new web standard draft to support virtual reality in the browser.

Install a WebVR browser.
Run this new web browser and go to
Try to stay alive!

Challenge The Biggest Predator Ever!

Could you win a race against a t-rex?

Would you win against an 18 meters long, 5 meters tall and 7 tons big t-rex ? Find out in Oculus Rex, an incredible virtual reality experience inspired by the iconic Jurassic ParkTM t-rex chase scene.

Oculus Rex leverages the latest web APIs with the coolest hardware. For the first time ever, WebGL and the Oculus Rift work together to provide a fun and thrilling experience powered by the open source Minko 3D engine.

About Us

We are Aerys. We are building Minko, a cross-platform, free and open source 3D engine. And we believe 3D - and especially VR - is the next big mass media. We started working on 3D on the web 8 years ago with Flash 9, and today we pride ourselves of releasing the first VR experience for the web based only on web standards.


  • How is Oculus Rex related to the Jurassic Park franchise?
  • Oculus Rex and its makers are not in any way related to the Jurassic Park franchise or its legal owner Universal Pictures. Oculurs Rex is merely a tribute to the original movie and is meant as a technological demonstration only.

  • Why do I need a special web browser?
  • Oculus Rex is a virtual reality (VR) experience. It was meant to be used in VR using the Oculus Rift. VR is not yet implemented in today's web browser.

    Google and Mozilla are working on a new web standard for VR called "WebVR". It is available only through special builds of Chrome and Firefox for now.

  • What Oculus Rift can I use?
  • Oculus Rex works only with the Oculus DK2.
  • Can I play the game without the Oculus Rift?
  • No.
  • Why did you create this experience?
  • For fun.
  • Will WebVR soon be a web standard?
  • We don't know but we sure hope so!